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My Books & wips

So, the stories...I write both young adult and light-hearted women's fiction. Sometimes, I add fantasy, mythology, or magic. But you can always count on strong girls/women and a little romance. 


JANE DARLING'S RULES OF INHERITANCE is a romantic women's fiction story about a reclusive twenty-five-year-old on an island in the Pacific Northwest. There's  an epic inheritance, microbrews galore, strong female friendships, sexy business, and an obscene amount of Italian meatballs and tiramisu. In other words, all the good stuff. 


HARBINGERS is a young adult, contemporary fantasy about two girls who herald from opposing, mythological Celtic clans. Bred to reawaken a long-forgotten feud, the girls must choose whether to use their kickass abilities for war or peace. {Insert beasts, faeries, folklore, and slow-burn romance.}